Personalized, Affordable Irish Family
Document Search & Retrieval Services

“Connecting the Present With The Past”™

Ballycastle Enterprises, LLC

Personalized, Affordable Irish Family Document Search & Retrieval Services

"Connecting the Present with the Past"

We offer our clients the only services of their kind, anywhere today:

Personal onsite retrieval of important Irish family documents in Ireland

-Irish Birth Records and Irish Birth Certificates
-Irish Marriage Records and Irish Marriage Certificates
-Irish Baptism Records and Irish Baptism Certificates

Verification and validation of the authenticity and accuracy of the documents

Courier services to hand carry and deliver documents in high quality, protective covers to our clients’ homes or businesses

Consultation on the Ireland Foreign Births Record and Irish Citizenship application procedures

Civil registration of all births in Ireland was mandated by law in 1864. Consequently, civil Irish birth certificates for Irish ancestors born in 1864 or later can be found with a bit of patient, dedicated "detective" work. Prior to 1864, civil birth certificates are scarce and less likely to exist. However, births/baptisms were recorded by the parish churches throughout the country. Ballycastle will be glad to assist you in locating and retrieving your ancestors' certificates from Irish civil or parish records, whichever applies. Please download the ancestor's data form and the order form below, complete both forms with as much information as you can, and fax completed forms to 703-787-8732 or email completed forms as attachments to When we receive the forms, we will contact you to proceed with the document search and retrieval. We look forward to working with you on this most important worthwhile endeavor.

"My family history is spread across the globe, from Ballyshannon to
Johannesburg to New York and Los Angeles. Recovering documents was not an easy task. Ballycaslte came through, Mike gives his personal time to connect you with your Irish roots. The documents that Mike was able to provide will be family treasures that I will pass down to my grandchildren. Thanks Mike…"
- Sean B., Anaheim, CA

"I had almost given up hope of finding any record that my Irish Grandmother even existed without having to spend a small fortune.
Mike and his contacts at Ballycastle were so amazing and we kept in constant contact while the search was on.......Mike even called me at home from America!!!! The dedication that I was shown made me feel like it was just as important to Mike that my Grandmothers records where found as it was to me and my family and I will never be able to thank him enough. Mike will be welcomed into my home as a part of the family anytime he comes to Oz."
- Lizzy L., Brisbane, Australia

"I had been searching for my grandmother's birth certificate for a long time. I knew she was from County Mayo, but I did not have the name of the town she was born in, nor her exact birth date. I did have the names of my grandmother's parents, and in a very short time, Ballycastle Enterprises found her birth certificate. I am truly grateful for the great work of this company, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is searching for their family roots." -Ann W., Fairfax, VA

"My father was born in Ireland and came to America as an infant. He died in 1966. I recently obtained my father's Irish birth certificate from Ballycastle Enterprises. This has meant a lot to me, because it connects me to my Irish roots and heritage in a very real way. Thank you, Ballycastle Enterprises, for completing some of the pieces of my Irish family history puzzle!" - Tom H., Baltimore, MD

"I was really pleased with your service." - Ruth G., Fresno, CA

If you are interested in using Ballycastle Enterprises to retrieve Irish Birth Certificates, Irish Birth Records, Irish Baptism Certificates, Irish Baptism Records, Irish Marriage Certificates, Irish Marriage Records,

Please download and complete the following ancestor's data form and document order form with as much information as you can.

Fax completed forms attn: Ballycastle Enterprises, LLC at (703) 787-8732
or, email completed forms as attachments to

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